What is Prescription Assistance Network and How Does it Work?


 Following the fact that many people are under a certain drug prescription, they get overwhelmed with their daily expenses as well as dosage to a point where they have to choose.  The uninsured and the impoverished are the most affected by this situation.  Following the advancements in the cost of living, one has to decide whether to cater for other needs or buy their prescribed drugs.  AS a result, Prescription Assistance Network identified the urgency and the need of the people and decided to act. That is why this nonprofit spotlight was initiated with a purpose and designs of helping people meet their daily prescriptions.

 PAN relies on advocacy, education and the harmonization of services in order to deliver to its members accordingly.   Normally, the services are aimed towards the residents who are in need and cannot afford them.  Following a conversation between Austin Bailey Health Foundation and Sisters of Charity Foundation of Canton in 18th November 2002, PAN was initiated.   The network has been able to climb up the ladder making it possible to avail prescription to thousands of people every year.

 For all of its members and the people in need of the services, PAN require a lot of funding.  Both individual and organizations offer their donations to the foundation. Therefore, when you are addressing your donation, you should ensure to Prescription Assistance Network of Stark County, Community Campus at Goodwill, 408 Ninth St. SW, Canton, OH 44707. Know more about prescription assistance network in http://www.ehow.com/how_7681650_renew-medicare-card.html.

 Prescription Assistance Network is a legally established pharmacy in the county of Stark.   With the licensing; it tends to identify a licensed pharmacist who manages its operation.  One of its day to day operations is to purchase emergency medication and prescription for the populace of Stark County.   The cost of the drug prescriptions availed by the initiation go for a lesser cost compared to the other pharmacies.  Other instances, the residents do get their dosages or rather their prescribed drugs for free. Get the flovent coupon here!

For the network to operate desirably there is collaboration. The collaboration is normally between the network and other bodies that share the same convictions about availing pharmaceutical aids to the populace.  These Bodies do include big and small scale hospitals whether public or private, agencies, charitable organizations and volunteers.  The population tend to dance in the light of getting their daily prescriptions met and in the right hour. Consequently, their healing process is quickened following that they have all the inspra 25 mg medication that they need.


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